Kentucky Derby Aftermath by godfather
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by godfather
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Remember there are two sides to ever coin. Many said it was the right call. People who aren’t even truly racing fans, betters, and those that only watch maybe once per year.

So for those that are more involved in the sport let me clarify what has happened since the Derby. Now expect the changes to come, and let the Race track make a lot less money from now on.

It is a Black Eye for the industry. How so, the Stewards raised the Bar on the biggest racing day in America. Therefore, you also must expect the aftermath of rules, regulations, and significant changes that may come because of this.

On Derby Day the Race Track makes significant amount of money, from drinks, admission, box reserved seats, food, huge amounts of money wagered, monies from owners entering the derby for Entry fees, and the State making huge amounts from the wagering that they end up with.

So because of the DQ decision, expect the obvious in the near future. No more 20 horse fields. More than half the field entries do not belong in the race anyway. So less entry fees. Less money wagered on the Race. Less money for the State. Less owners and trainers having to worry about Purses, Breeding rights, etc.. Less Jockeys having their hard earned money taken away because of a DQ.

Now Owners/Trainers will be less likely to appeal decisions, less likely being twisted by the outcome of Stewards, etc.. Yes the Best horse did win the Derby, but when you have a rainy dangerous track with 20 horses, the Stewards can sleep better because now the future of their decision the other day is open for big changes thanks to them. Thank the Stewards!

A no win situation, and instead of the Track making $50 Million or more for the day, and the State, the new changes will have an adverse effect thanks to the Stewards call.

FOOTNOTE: Racing fans, Trainers, Owners agree overwhelmingly that now changes are forthcoming.

As a racing fan it was obviously an unintentional move by Maximum Security. The horse had no idea what’s behind him. Luis Saez did his best to correct the wide turn. The move from the 2 spot to the 4/5 spot did not effect the second place finisher, now winner. The only thing I can think of is that there is a huge safety concern moving forward. Considering Santa Anita’s recent issues, the sport can’t afford a ten horse pile up especially on national TV.

 It’s a shame they decided to set the bar on arguably the biggest race day.

Editor consulted with long time racing fan, former owner of several horses, friend of many owners and trainers-JIM TURANO, MIDDLE VILLAGE, NY

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