the Will of God 3
by greenflying
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There is enormous presumption (though the ascetic sees it not) in the idea that man may be his own judge and executioner—his own physician in the sickness of liis soul.Such, then, is the football jerseys principle of asceticism, and such, we conceive, the errors on which it is founded. There is, indeed, extant historical evidence that the doctrine of the higher and lower morality was the proximate cause of Christian monastic asceticism." In the second century," says Mosheim ," was started a principle in morals, radically false and most injurious to the Christian cause, but one that has in every age, even to our own, been infinitely prolific in evil.

Christian doctors maintained that Christ had prescribed a two-fold rule of holiness and virtue: the one ordinary, for men of business; the New England Patriots Jerseys other extraordinary, for men of leisure and such as sought to obtain higher glory in the future world. They applied the name of Precepts to those laws which are universally obligatory; but throwback jerseys the Counsels concerned only those who aimed at a closer union with God. On a sudden there Philadelphia Eagles Jerseys arose, accordingly, a class of persons who professed to strive after that higher and more eminent holiness than common men can attain. They thought many things forbidden to tliem which are allowed to other Christians, such as wine, flesh, matrimony, and worldly business. They supposed they must ema-ciate their bodies with watching, fasting, toil, and hunger. Both men and women imposed these hard conditions on themselves. They thus obtained the name of ascetics, eclectics, she-philosophers. (Clemens Alex, calls them HCXIKTWV HCKEKRSRFPOI, the more Minnesota Vikings jerseys elect among the elect.) Those of this century who embraced this life did not altogether withdraw from society. In process of time, however, they retired into the deserts, and afterwards formed associations, taking pattern by the Essenes and Therapeutae."

The results of the acceptance of the ascetic prin-ciple in religion are twofold—the desecration of common life and natural relations, on the one hand; and on the other, the mistaken pursuit of superior holiness by a method which Cleveland Browns Jerseys leads to no such result.It NFL jerseys is a good observation of Archbishop Whately, that the boast of the sanctity and learning preserved in the monasteries during the Middle Ages, amounts to much less than New Orlean Saints jerseys at first sight appears. When every man and woman inspired with a little more piety than usual was invited to display it, not by performing the natural duties of family and station, and so improving society, but by renouncing family and station, and leaving society to shift for San Diego Chargers Jerseys itself, it is small New York Giants Jerseys marvel that the world, forsaken by all its best spirits, appeared exceedingly bad, and the monasteries, where all such spirits were congregated, exceedingly good in com-parison. A gentleman having gone round his house, and taken the lamps and candles out of the drawing- room, the library, the picture gallery, and the kitchen, and collected them all in the cellar, might with equal justice call on his neighbours to remark how dark was the house, how beautifully illuminated the cellar !

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