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indian recipes in hindi by indianrecipes
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we provide Top indian food recipes in hindi learn indian food recipes and make new many testy indian food dishes here Learn more indian food recipes in hindi Visit my blog.
63E_smaldone.jpg Smaldone, the Untold Story of an American Crime Family by Milano52
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After seeing the title "Smaldone, The Untold Story of an American Crime Family," I had expectations regarding its contents that left me surprisingly disappointed after reading the book. I expected to read about the story of an American Crime Family, with all its idiosyncrasies and oddities, a sto...
8SLZ_lc24d5b45_m0xd_w640_h480_q80.jpg Just Sold Lovely Tudor in Laurelton, Queens by sfazal
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  Shameer Fazal and his team at Keller Williams are pleased to announce the sale of a lovely Single Family home located at 130-06 227 th Street in Laurelton, NY 11413. This lovely Tudor home featured 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and was sold for $418,000. With our knowledge and experience we were ab...
New York City & Queens Employment Defense Firm by cjleclaire
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What You Should Know About Weighing Age and Ability When Hiring As an employer or company owner, do you ask questions like this when interviewing a job candidate? Are you planning on retiring soon? How many years do you plan on working in this field? Companies are conscious of the expenses involv...
Investors or 1031 exchange clients-This is the one! by godfather
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Interview with Real Estate Broker Jim Turano uncovers one of the better deals in all of Queens, New York eight now. Mixed use-2 stores four apartments. (no leases on apartments.) One apartment becoming vacant in December. That apartment's rent was $800 dollars, however there is a waiting list for...
Restaurant Industry: Keep It Free from Union Organizing by cjleclaire
Sep 30, 2015 | 0 0 comments | 245 245 recommendations | email to a friend
by Stephen D. Hans | Sep 30, 2015 | Employment Defense Attorney , NLRB Many people do not realize that 90 percent of the restaurants in the United States belong to independent operators or franchisees. Traditionally, business owners and union organizers have stood on opposite sides of the spectru...
NY Employment Defense Attorney defends Employers’ Rights by cjleclaire
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by Stephen D. Hans | Sep 25, 2015 | Per Se is a popular, exclusive restaurant located at the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle. Known for its Nova Scotia lobster, foie gras, caviar and truffles, Per Se caters to guests who pay for luxurious dining at a prix fixe of $310 per dinner. In additio...
What You Need to Understand About Criminal Background Checks When Hiring Employees by cjleclaire
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by Stephen D. Hans | Sep 15, 2015 | Employment Defense Attorney What You Need to Understand About Criminal Background Checks When Hiring Employees NYC  & Queens Employment Defense Attorney Recently, based on alleged race discrimination resulting from criminal background checks, BMW settled with t...
New York Employment Discrimination Defense Attorney by cjleclaire
Aug 27, 2015 | 0 0 comments | 523 523 recommendations | email to a friend
Author: Stephen D.Hans What Can Happen if You Ignore a Discrimination Claim? No one likes dealing with a dispute, and we often wish disputes would just go away. However, ignoring a discrimination claim can land employers into trouble and result in undesired legal consequences. This is what occurr...
New York City Employment Defense Attorneys by cjleclaire
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What Is GINA and Why Is It Important to You as an Employer? Your employment application questions can set you up for a discrimination lawsuit if you are not within the parameters of federal anti-discrimination laws. GINA or the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act is one of the more recent n...