A surreal encounter with "Used Cars"
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What do you get when you experience a used car? For artists Susan Evans Grove, you get a surreal mix of abstract work.

At Crossing Art Gallery, located in Flushing, the artist will hold first solo show.

The show will be the inaugural exhibition for the artist's new abstract photographic series "Used Cars".

Susan Evans Grove was the award recipient from last year’s Crossing Art juried exhibition "Going Green" and the creator of 24/7/art | Facebook, a clickable online art gallery.

”I have been traveling on the surface of automobiles. It’s a whole other world on that plane," she said on her series, "Used Cars."

In her series, “Used Cars” Susan Evans Grove’s allows the viewer to immerse themselves in the strange and unexpectedly beautiful surface of the previously so familiar automobile.

The result on the aesthetic level of these straight on, reflective photographs is a creation of an abstract, surrealist environment that pulls the eye in and around its warping lines and colors.

The result on the intellectual level is one of inviting us to reexamine our relationship with this iconic element of our consumer culture, which in her compositions is often reflecting how the natural environment contributes in their demise.

Each image, furthermore, is archivally printed on a metal plate to reinforce this connection.

The artist has named each work simply after the type of car that was photographed, calling to mind the status attached to the automobiles we drive, which effectively brings us back from a purely aesthetic appreciation to recognition of the specific subject and the importance of its choice to the artist.

Susan Evans Grove graduated from the School of Visual Arts in NYC with a BFA in Photography, where she received the F2 Award.

Other honors include: Photographer’s Forum “Best of Photography Annual”, an international exhibit of women photographers in New York and Tokyo, panel participation for “Scandal” at Four Walls in Brooklyn, and an award from New Jersey Photography Forum Annual Juried Exhibit.

Her work has been seen on the cover of Playbill, and in numerous books and papers and publications.

She is in the permanent collection of the Jersey City Museum, as well as several private collections.

The exhibition will also include works from two earlier photographic series from the artist, “Illegal Sublet” and “Suburban Sprawl”.

The first collection records the living conditions in Manhattan apartments, primarily Hell’s Kitchen.

The second collection colorfully documents the phenomenon of the supersizing of American homes. These communities lay on what used to be open space and farmland.

In all of her photographic work, Ms. Grove’s work addresses how we relate to each other and our physical environment.

Though her images rarely contain people they are about how people live and bear the mark of the people who inhabit the spaces she photographs.

The sensibility her work is profoundly American in that it focuses on issues of material possession and perceived status in American culture.

Crossing Art is located at 136-17 39th Avenue, Flushing. The exhibition runs through March 8.

Visit www.crossingart.com for more information

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June 11, 2012
Keep it up Susan Evans Grove!

I should see her works, I don't know her but you've said a lot about her in this article. Thanks, interesting.

Mina from blouson ski