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Al Capone-did many good things for the people of Chicago….

he opened up soup kitchens and homeless shelters with his own money in Chicago during the great depression as well employed close to if not more then 10,000 people and paid them well 9 out of 10 people working for Capone only broke the law of handling liquor during the prohibition under his orders he was a bad human being but did good for all of his evil.

Yes he murdered supposedly over two dozen people, but look at what he accomplished.  The Rosenberg’s during their life did many good things for the people in their Community. So what if they committed Treason.

How about Nixon. Look at all the good he did for the people. So what if he was crooked and only thought of himself.

Which brings us to Trump. Look at all he has accomplished during the Presidency. He has convinced many that he is perfect in every way. He has convinced many that what he says is the Bible according to Trump. You can’t judge  Trump for how he got to be a successful business man screwing people, contractors, college students, accepting help to win the election with a Foreign adversary. So he colluded, so he obstructed justice, it’s the way this man is, rotten to the core like any other Evil person.

So he has followers who adore him. Throw roses at his feet. Treat him like a God that can do no wrong. These people have mental issues, that is why they brag about him. They only see the good he has done. Forget the bad things. He is perfect in every way. And if you do not agree, the Pro Trump people will continue shoveling it down your throat.

So in Conclusion, although he will go down as one of the worst President’s in History, and although the Mueller report states he obstructed Justice and Colluded with Foreign Adversaries, and lastly will be indicted after his term in office by the Sothern District Courts in Manhattan, dismantling the Trump Organization, and possibly his children will be effected as well, look at all the good things he has done!

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