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Improving My Essay Writing Skills
by elspethcrosby
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It was in the second week of September 2009 that I started as a first year business management degree student in one of the universities in London. I was a 19 year old girl who grew up in Hong Kong and besides the cultural shock and getting used to the UK educational system, my other challenge was my university UK essay writing tasks.


Even though I could speak English that could be understood by native UK speakers and my writing was considerably good, it was my writing skills that really needed improvement because I was told that UK essay writing is very important because it is one of the tools used by lecturers to evaluate the student's comprehension and proficiency of his course. The thing that really worried me is that a lecturer would not give any special considerations for foreign students like me in their essay writing tasks. A foreign student is expected to write an essay that is accurate and free of any errors just as the native speakers do.


So besides my regular academic tasks, I put in extra time to learn about correct and proper written English, studied about the standard requirements for writing an academic essays, and practice my writing skills in my free time. After one year, my UK essay writing has become better and the marks for the recent essays I submitted have also improved.

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