Governor needs to push airport alternatives to JFK & LGA
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A recent study by the website Fivethirtyeight, showed that customers are delayed at LaGuardia Airport by an estimated 30 minutes (29 minutes if you are flying out of La Guardia, and 30 if you are flying into the airport). The need to improve LaGuardia Airport is by no means a news story; even Vice President Joe Biden has joked of its need for an upgrade.

The study also explains that flights between LaGuardia and Chicago’s O’Hare Airport are the most often delayed, or at least delayed with the most cumulative amount of time. Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emmanuel once said “you never want to let a crisis go to waste.”

He took heat for that comment and flight delays are not really a crisis, but this problem with airport traffic and delays are a good opportunity for New York to dig in and develop Stewart and Republic airports.

The investment that it would take to muscle up these hubs, and the transportation options that would need to go with it, would create construction jobs from which the state’s economy would benefit.

Both Kennedy and LaGuardia are important airports for New York. Kennedy being the international staple where the Beatles landed and LaGuardia…well, it’s there too. This is the time, however, to invest in these other hubs, which can also help other regions in the state. A flight from Stewart to Chicago might be better and cut down on flight time.

Environmentally, there is little that is good about an airport. Ask anyone who lives in Howard Beach how awful it is to have airplanes taking off and landing right next door. By developing other airports, however, some of this air traffic would be spread out.

This recent study is the kind of information that policy makers can use to make the case that development is needed. The state needs more hubs and more options to get to airports. This would jolt the state’s economy, creating blue-collar jobs, and keep it strong over a good number of years.


Queens, Bronx Real Estate Set to Jump

The time to buy property in Brooklyn was 15 years ago. I remember looking at a one-bedroom for around $70,000 and not going through with it. I also remember a giant one-bedroom apartment in Kew Gardens for $59,000 that I balked at because of parking.

Writers are not always great business people, but the smartest financial move I ever made was to buy in Kew Gardens in 2008. It is still one of the best, and smartest, places to invest in New York City without getting fleeced.

Parts of the Bronx, especially that slice that borders Manhattan, are warming up fast. Although there has been so much chatter about Rockaway and the renaissance that has taken place there, the commute is still not easy - not yet anyway.

The Bronx and parts of Queens, such as Kew Gardens and Forest Hills, are going to be the places that people will regret having not invested in 15 years from now.

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