Today’s generations vs people who got married during World War 2 period
by godfather
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November 2018-The truth about today’s times Part 1

Today’s generations vs people who got married during World War 2  period mid 1940’s or so.

Many people who got married back then celebrated 25 years of marriage and even 50 years of marriage.

Today, people still get married except, many do not make it to 25 years of marriage. Reasons to get divorced is simple, someone wants a change, someone has an affair, a wifes girlfriend steals their husband away. But these are true situations. So they divorce and both become miserable forever more.

Today many live with one another instead of getting married. Many woman have a child then look for a man to provide for them, take care of their child in every way possible, and have a man who takes care of them like a Queen. Not that easy, but many woman find these nice guys, start a relationship, and if the guy meets all that is required, then they end up living together. Either at a guy’s apartment or moving into the guy’s parent’s house.

Some last 2 years some last 5 years together, then the woman leaves the guy or she is asked to leave, or thrown out sort of speak. Why? Because in many cases, the woman goes out once in awhile with her so called  co-workers, or girlfriends while the man is home with the baby during the night. But get this, the woman do not come home at 11p.m. or midnight, they come home at 4,5, 6a.m. in the morning. Ergo they get thrown out of the house after the 2nd. or 3rd. time after realization sets in. The guy gets devastated , and the woman moves on.

Here is another scenario going on today, that will make you read this article to the very end. Today many men in late 20’s, 30’s and 40’s do not work. Can you believe this one. True, yet they find a woman, have a child, and watch the baby while the woman goes to work. The woman works to pay the rent, food, medical bills, baby clothes, baby food, boyfriends clothes, medical bills, gives him pocket money, while he is home 24/7 for years. And is he looking for potential jobs, hell no.

You can’t make this up, but they are out there. Survey recently says it costs parents up to $200,000 dollars to bring a baby up till the age of 18 years of age.  But where do you find this people? Where are their heads? Do they possess any intelligence at all? Do they not worry about their futures and their baby’s future? Are the parents of these children of theirs not from this earth? Not telling them to wake up and go get a job, medical benefits, and a pension?

The old expression still stands true. There is another light in the tunnel. Except the light is an express train ready to crash into these people’s lives big time in the near future.

Welfare, Food stamps, assistant living voucher’s, and section 8 apartment vouchers to go live in areas they will have nightmares about.

They are not worried. They live in fantasy land really. No clue at all that disaster will hit them like a Mack Truck. And as for the parents of these children, or I should say adults, worried about their children and grandchildren’s future, I do not think so. Old expression still stands true today. These children, adults and their families Bread is half baked upstairs. There has to be something missing in their brains, or a condition, or mental disorder of some type.


Interview with leading social director of New York Mental Health

Part 2 will follow on how children of the first generation acted, lived, and worked compared to todays generation.

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