Trump supporters still in denial-Why?
by godfather
 Trump supporters still in denial
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How many Americans  are Pro Trump today, January 25, 2019?

 It is hard to imagine, whether those who are still supportive of Trump knowing all the evidence put out so far, like how many staffers Trump hired who have been arrested, indicted, found guilty, and sentenced to date. More indictments and subpoenas being issued in January 2019 and it doesn’t look like it going to stop anytime soon.

So who are Pro Trump supporters today.  Educated people, business owners, racists, or a breed of people who are blinded by the light? Or a Parents Mind set that my son could do no wrong attitude. Is it a cult mentality? The more evidence, the more arrests, the more indictments, the more we hear week after week is totally disregarded and not acceptable in the minds of Pro Trump supporters.

Russian indictments-People affiliated with Trump since before the election. It can’t be that Trump is really Putin’s Puppet right? No not according to Trump supporters. The only President in History who deals with our Foreign advisory like best of friends? According to the Local shrink Doctors most closed minded people are always in denial.  They can not be wrong.  And will never admit they are wrong.

Thirty-seven administration officials who've resigned or been fired under Trump. Still almost 40% of his Cabinet posts remain empty for almost a year now.

It is no secret Fred Trump paid to have Doctors lie about Medical conditions so Donald could avoid the Military. Many rich wealthy people do so. And sending his son Donald to a Military facility helped as well. But Veterans do not usually admire such people. And Veterans who served and survived do not like people who maybe committing Treason for sure. Yet the thought of the word ‘TREASON’ committed by Trump is not even on the table with Pro Trump supporters.

Yet the end is near, and the saga continues and even if the President was holding a smoking gun, his  supporters would still defend this man even if he was to face impeachment, or Prison.

Let me leave you with one last thought. Before Lucky Luciano was arrested, convicted and deported, almost 40 of his soldiers were arrested first before the Government got to him. How many people, staff members who were hired by Trump who came from the same barrel as Trump have put away? The barrel of dead fish means Trump can’t come up smelling like a rose like his supporters  think.

And now Trumps close friend Roger Stone was arrested today. Can’t be? That means nothing also to Trump supporters. Supporters are far to intelligent to believe anything they hear against Trump.


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