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Dorrancr. Hut neither mstnamrot achieved lasting use despite their excellent designs."'Before the- uurodihtion of muscle relaxants in thr 1941k, intubation of thr trachra could be challenging. This challenge was made somewhat easier, however, with the adstni ot laryn gosevipe blades specifically designed to increase visualization of the vocal cords. Robert Miller of San Antonio. Texas, and Robert Macintosh ol Oxford Unnersity moncler jacket sale created their rrspec- tisely named Rides withm an interval of 2 years. In 1941, Miller brought forward the slender, straight Wade with a slight ine near the tip to ease the passage of the tube throsigh the larynx. Although Miller's blade was a refinement, the tech¬nique of its use was identical to that of earlier models as the epiglottis was lifted to expose the larynx.1"i'lir Macintosh blade, which is placed in thr vallecula rather than under the epigkittis. Was invented as an incidental result of a tonsillectomy. Sir moncler clothing Rolen Macintosh later described thr circumstanccs of Us discovery m an appreciation of the competing commercial entities to attempt ti fill tint need. I'ui- all, competing moncler prnprxtarr tiurau ire incompatible and do not t.illc moncler jackets to eacb otree" Tins tact severely limits one ol tse Kighlv touted benefits r medical practice 'goingelectronic." C.nst u another great At it the turmdahlr task oi entrr- me the required information from the old paper records into the electronic tyticm. Theichi.bcvn got and publ. Pressure roe health cate imtirutiottt, facilities. And pe.icticev ti adopt electron record hecaute oi the potential ior increased legihlity earning redoctvin in errort and cintoonn. Grrater tpeed of riling and retrieval, city transmission of Urge amount of intoncuticai (such at from a surgcsin's office to an a.-xsthtsia pracncr't hooking office arj also to a hospital's preoperative ccimc or OR holding area I. And QA monitoring of tatt databases. Incie-acrd eate of Irafttmisiion and riling of reimbursement claims and con vavingv from clerical ttafl down-sixing .ire claims intended to en.ouragc prac¬tice grixapt to adopt electronic medical records (f!Mrl. How¬ever. Experience ti date hat «v«tgrcicd that the commercial; available software system (both Sue mttitulkint and practice groupsl are not at robutt or reliable at adtertited by their often aggressive manufacturers. Accordingly, the expected brixtitt hate tint materialized qsnir at predicted, pafl.ciil.irti in that cosrt hair been great, often tar in rxcett of estimates, and tost vising, have hern minimal at best Prjctkc gremps •! Anesthesia professionals slioiim consider all of thete noted point pttor to inscsting in an F.MR system. At minimum, careful study and evalii.-itiun of the same tstiem alrejdy in place :n another .nvrtihcskilijgy practice should I undertaken.It basic I:MR moncler jacket implementation has been problematic fix praetiies, rtue electronx anesthesia mforniation systems haie been cien more difficult.

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