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Ihetr uitlude pteopef- ative, intraoperative, postoperative. Hilling, moncler clothing and QA svmpo- neniv lor the actual OR anesthesia record, scleral commer¬cial versions jre available. Different anesthesia professional have s-anout npinionit about eate ol implementation aitd tuh- seouene uve. I'nlewt one massive bolus it lulls iuregiated nest texlinolngi from a single manufacturer is installed all at one time, mtrgiaiion of a new f.MR with the rsistmr, ancsthcsva machines ami moniioo to ensure full accurate caput of all data parameters can often Ir difficult and frustrating. The function and value of clectroiix' anesthesia records can bi¬de Sated endlessly. All ot them tnd.iv will require computers nit tu moncler jackets in tlir anesthesia machine. These viauputcis skiuu lie Inter¬net-enabled so that demographic and hillir.g information can be automatically uploaded to the fatality's and the practice's dat.itsisc. Any vuch tvttem must also uitegraic with the filling systems of tlic facility and the practice or the temtrd benefits will be iaigely negated. Again, the best, and ill some senses, the only way to evaluate serioudy and thorevughli a proposed major investment of money, etlon. And uroe is to visit a fuiiv up-and-wxirking inti.illaluin of that electronic anesthesia infiirmaiaiii maiugen-ent ty strut and talk duectli in with the users. The cosi, in a.l senses of the word, are to great lhat -.t remains a significant gamble to be the ftrtt TO purchase and implement such a tytteinkxpansion Into Perioperative Medicine, Hospital Care, and Hyperbaric medicincsome aiir,tletiokigiviv tiow Ivmction MI Init tixnr ol the tunc in prixiperativt- screening chnics bocauve of the great fraction of OR patxnts who do not spend thr nigh: besixr vutgery in ibe hospital or who do not come to .1 hospital at all. In such settings, thric anevthesiologists treqorntli assume a role anal¬ogous lo that of a primary care physician, planning and rve- curing a workup of one or mote significant mcdicalor surgicil prohl.-ms before thr patient can rrawuubly be expected to undergo surgery. I ikewise, thiv concept would be excellent for the potteipxrjtive period. An arxsthtswilugis:. Completely tree ot )R or other dottes, could not moncler jacket sale only make at Ira c: twice-daily roundt ot panesiis after surgery and provide rxcredtnglv com¬prehensive pain-management service, but a ho could follow the vurgical progrctt and uukr moncler report i likely via an E.MR ue c-maili tci the vurgrvn's office or alphanumeric pocket rotnmu- nicatot A f-aiulaineiital aspect of tar peucocr of inruhrskiliy is moncler jacket the management m acute problems in rhr bntpital setting It it logical that a:irsrhiskili(ists wouk! IH- among tlx jihysxiaiu best vutted Mi provide prinurs care fix patients in the hospital setting.An additional evolving opportunity is thr creation and implementation ot "rapid fcspcote te-ains" wit.-nii .scutr care hospitals. In, trudies hase revealed that patients on gen¬eral care nutting floors sometimes begin in deteriorate and,

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