the Will of God 4
by greenflying
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Nor is it solely by taking the best spirits out of it that monasticism desecrates society. It leaves those who remain in it with the impression that no such high standard of goodness is demanded of them as of those formally dedicated to piety or charity. Thus family ties come to be looked on, not as the most blessed helps which God has given us on our upward path, football jerseys but almost as hindrances, as clogs upon the soul, which may rise higher by casting them off. Thus all necessary industry or pursuit of art or science, instead of being ennobled by the belief that it is " that throwback jerseys state of life to which it has pleased God to call us," and as fit as any other, therefore, to be religiously followed, come, on the contrary, to be placed in antithesis to a religious vocation, and are desecrated accordingly.

On the other hand, those who renounce the natural joys and duties of life, to follow out the principle of asceticism, find themselves no nearer to virtue or peace of mind. The principle is of illimitable application. It is better to fast all day than half the day, to watch all night than half the night, better to be a Trappist .than a priest, better a Stylites than a Trappist. At every stage of self-mortification there is another yet stricter and more savage, appealing with the same motive to the devotee. The condition of a conscience which should
Cleveland Browns Jerseys logically carry out such a principle is too piteous to think of; and though this is doubtless rather the theoretical than the actual result of asceti-cism Minnesota Vikings jerseys in all save exceptional cases, yet much of the - evil must exist. No one who thinks it better or more pleasing to God to deny himself natural pleasures NFL jerseys than to enjoy them, can ever know the peace of heart of a simple thankful acceptance of the order of Provi-dence alike for pain or pleasure. Nor is the spiritual condition of the ascetic in other ways a more healthful one. The constant self-introspection which his system enforces, is as little likely to produce soundness of mind and conscience, as the habits of the hypochon-driac to produce soundness of body, when he shuts himself in his heated chamber with his finger on his pulse, trying his own fanciful remedies, when all New England Patriots Jerseys he needs is air and New York Giants Jerseys work. All that is noble in human nature comes from the centrifugal force within us, carrying us out of and above ourselves in pure love of God and man, for goodness, beauty, truth. All that is mean and false and sickly comes of the centri-petal force of selfism, bringing San Diego Chargers Jerseys us back to our own poor feelings New Orlean Saints jerseys and interests. Instead of ascending to a higher virtue through a training which forces us to think of ourselves continually, we are clipping the wings by which God meant us to soar. Let us ponder the judgment of the system of one who tried it in all the severity of discipline of the Devonport Philadelphia Eagles Jerseys Sisterhood, -and gave it up at last, because, in the true and noble work of the Eastern hospitals, she had learned to understand its fallacy.

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