Alimony for Eggs? Broolyn Divorce and Family Law Blog post
by cjleclaire
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If you are in the middle of a divorce, you may think you’ve heard and seen everything there is to know about dividing your assets. Well, think again! According to a New York Times  article, a New Jersey woman is asking her nearly-ex-husband to pay “$20,000 to cover her egg-freezing procedure, medication costs and several years of egg storage.” Would that be considered child support for the children they didn’t have?

Before we rush to judgment, though, let’s put ourselves in her shoes for a few moments. She married at 30 with the expectation that she and her husband would soon start a family. Now she is 38, childless, and about to lose her partner. Her biological clock is ticking louder and louder, but it is also winding down. She has no way of knowing how much longer she will be able to have children or how long it will take her to find another partner with whom to potentially conceive offspring. So, her answer is to save her eggs. Today, divorce proceedings in New York can involve the calculation of the main breadwinner’s future earnings to determine child support, so why shouldn’t fertility be taken into consideration?

One way of avoiding egg freezing and storage, and many other issues, is to have your attorney prepare a prenuptial agreement before getting married. If you are nearing the end of your childbearing years and the end of a marriage and want your divorce settlement to include egg-freezing and storage, there is no substitute for an experienced divorce attorney to represent you. To arrange a private consultation, call the Brooklyn office of Mary Grace Condello at (718) 758-5480 or toll free (888) 970-6279.

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