Hurricane Irma | How Vital Buses Are Before and After Hurricanes
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Florida Governor Rick Scott issued an executive order declaring a state of emergency in all 67 counties within the State of Florida, due to Hurricane Irma. He also requested that President Trump declare a pre-landfall emergency for the State of Florida in order to prepare federal government sources and assistance.


How Serious is Hurricane Irma?

Governor Rick Scott announced on his website  that Friday morning, 7,000 National Guard will report for duty. Over the weekend, more National Guard members will be activated, if necessary. In addition to the National Guard, 13 helicopters and more tan 1,000 tactical high-wheeled trucks are on standby. The North Carolina National Guard and other nearby states are ready to assist with evacuating the Florida Keys. In fact, if necessary, there are an estimated 30,000 troops, 4,000 trucks, and 100 helicopters along with Aero-Evacuation crews ready to support people in Florida as needed.

Florida Keys Evacuation Beginning

Mandatory evacuation orders for tourists in the Florida Keys begin Wednesday, September 6. However, people are being urged to leave as soon as possible and that includes tourists and residents. The National Hurricane Center (NCC) is warning about “life threatening wind, storm surge and rainfall hazards for U.S. territories in the Caribbean.”

Many Florida schools and universities are closing Wednesday, September 6.

Why Buses Are Safer and Better for Evacuation

Roads are sure to be congested, if for no other reason than Florida has only a few major highways that head north in the state. Given the fact that a motor coach can take as many as 50 cars off the road, less congestion will occur with people evacuating by bus.

In addition, statistics show that charter buses are the safest form of ground transportation in the country. With a trained, professional driver at the wheel, there are fewer chances of accidents. Highways jam up and gridlock occurs when accidents take place. Avoiding accidents during hurricane evacuation is vital for everyone to make it out safely.

Another factor to consider is that buses are greener than any other type of ground transportation, leaving less of a carbon footprint than even hybrid cars. Evidences of global warming are already occurring. Increasingly severe hurricanes, droughts, tropical storms and other severe weather are effects that scientists have warned about regarding global warning. Irma has been named a Category 5 Hurricane and is one of the strongest ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean.

It’s reassuring to have your friends, family and loved ones all together on one bus charter. You hear about people getting separated during disasters and can only imagine how stressful that can be.

Plan ahead and charter your bus as soon as possible so you can leave safely together.

Dangers of Flooding Caused by Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

According to the Chicago Tribune, a new study in relation to hurricanes and tropical storms revealed that inland flooding caused more deaths in the U.S. than strong winds, storm surge or tornadoes. The study covered a period between 1970 and 1999.

It showed that out of the 600 people who died in hurricanes, tropical storms and tropical depressions during this time period, 59 percent drowned or were killed from a trauma related to inland flooding. This statistic didn’t include electrocution by fallen or hidden power lines. In fact, 150 people died in motor vehicles as waters rose. The statistics indicated that 63 percent of fatalities occurred in inland counties, 27 percent died in coastal counties and 11 percent were killed offshore.

Buses Are Also Vital for Returning Home After a Hurricane

Evacuating safely is important, but so is returning home. You must be careful returning after a hurricane, especially when flooding is an issue. When you rely on a charter bus to bring you back, you can be sure the driver has detailed information regarding which roadways are safe, which are flooded and the best route to travel. After all, the driver has a whole company behind him and dispatchers who relay vital information.

As far as economical travel, you can’t beat a charter bus. Charter bus rates are reasonable, and with everyone chipping in, it brings down costs. Plus, you don’t have to worry about finding gas, filling your vehicle, checking tires or any of the other tasks involved with driving your own truck or car.

Hurricanes are already stressful events, why not take away some of the stress by putting you and your family in the hands of a professional who’s extensively trained for safety and a vehicle that’s safer and greener than your own?

Reserve Your Charter Today

Reserve ahead and put your worries to rest. You can make reservations online the fast and easy way. But if you need questions answered or want to check out discounts, call 1-888-340-9122. We’re always available to help.


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March 24, 2018
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March 13, 2018
Florida Governor Rick Scott issued an official demand declaring an exceptionally delicate circumstance in each one of the 67 territories inside the State of Florida Read more: Queens Examiner - passage Hurricane Irma | How Vital Busses Are Before and After Hurricanes.

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March 07, 2018
Hurricane Irma was very bad for the whole nation and its badly effect everyone in the country. You have shared some interesting facts about this hurricane with us here and I hope you will keep sharing more updates about it here.

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Becca Drogos
January 03, 2018
our office is situated in Miami and thanksfully we are all doing great because our city was ready for Irma but we all definitelly got scared a lot
November 22, 2017
Florida Governor Rick Scott issued an official request announcing a highly sensitive situation in every one of the 67 areas inside the State of Florida, because of Hurricane Irma. He additionally asked for that President Trump pronounce a pre-landfall crisis for the State of Florida with a specific end goal to get ready government sources and help. Best coursework help UK

November 09, 2017
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