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On Friday morning, I emailed Belinda Cook, Michael Steele’s communication’s director. Steele was supposed to call me last week, and he was called into meetings, and so there was a lot of back and forth email. I wished him good luck on Friday morning. He was chosen as the new chairman of the GOP on Friday afternoon. The left wing bloggers immediately criticized it as choosing an African American just so the party does not look as though it is racist. No need to point out the irony here now, is there? But the fact is, Steele has been in state politics for a long time in Maryland, and served as its first black state-wide elected official. Steele brings two things to the Republican Party. First, he believes in a large tent membership approach in order to bring about new ideas and new candidates. This would not have been the case if some other people got the nod. Secondly, Steele is a devout Catholic. Catholics make up a large percentage of voters – and they live in pivotal places. Steele was a good, even tempered, sensible choice.
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