Pediatric Dental Restorations
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 Pediatric Dentistry: Dr. Sara B. Babich, DDS
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What Happens If Your Kid Has A Badly Decayed Tooth?

Tooth decay is a common problem affecting many young children, and a cavity can become extremely painful without the proper treatment. Pediatric dentists including Dr. Sara Babich always try to save baby or primary teeth because if they are lost too soon or must be extracted, it can affect the development of adult teeth. A child’s primary teeth are essential for guiding the development of their adult teeth, ensuring the right amount of room is maintained so adult teeth are more likely to come through aligned correctly.

When baby teeth are lost too soon, it increases the risk of a child requiring orthodontic treatment when they are older because the adjacent teeth are more likely to shift position, taking some of the room meant for the adult tooth. As a result, the adult tooth is more likely to come through crooked and out of alignment.

Baby teeth aren’t permanent, they are vulnerable to tooth decay. If your child develops a cavity, pediatric dentist will need to repair it. Materials that can be used to fill or teeth include white composite resin or silver-colored amalgam.

Many dentists use amalgam fillings because they are inexpensive, hard-wearing and take less time to place. However, they can look unsightly and nowadays it is becoming more common for pediatric dentists to use tooth-colored composite resin to repair teeth in children who feel quite self-conscious about their appearance. Often the choice of material may be dictated by the position of the tooth in the mouth.

How to Repair Back Teeth?

When a back tooth is severely decayed, your dentist may want to repair it using a ready-made stainless-steel crown. Stainless steel crowns have been used for decades and are a common choice of treatment for children, not least because they are extremely cost-effective. Also, unlike an adult crown that frequently requires two visits to the dental office, stainless-steel crowns can usually be replaced during a single visit.

The crowns are strong and durable and are highly suitable for repairing back teeth that are not very visible but are less suitable for front teeth that are easily seen. The preformed crowns come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are customized by the pediatric dentist to fit over the damaged tooth.

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