Quick, Protect The Environment From The Environmental Organizations
by anthony.stasi
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The debate over environmental policy was always between those who did not think pollution was a priority and those saw it as a threat. I use the word pollution because had we continued to call it such (instead of these esoteric phrases like ‘global warming’ and ‘climate change’) we would have moved the ball much further down field already. But today some (not all) environmental groups are actually stalling the progress they have helped bring about.

Just this week, a California Supreme Court did not grant standing to the Sierra Club, who was trying desperately to stop the construction of a new manufacturing facility in California. The company, Calico Solar Project, produces renewable solar energy…which is exactly what these groups have wanted for the last 30 years.

The argument that Sierra makes is that a plant in the selected location would dislocate animals and plant life. There is no reason to doubt that some animals and plants will have to live elsewhere, but this is the environmental push that many of us non-crazy natural resources buffs wanted. Finally, we are using the sun for our energy, and who is getting in the way? Not conservative Republicans, not big business, not Dick Cheney, and not Halliburton. Nope, the Sierra Club has a problem with this.

The Sierra Club is probably right about the location having to undergo change and the inconvenience of animals and plants, but if solar energy gets the chance to step in and provide what we know it can, the opportunity will outweigh the costs.

This brings us to a larger question, however. Who can we trust with giving us information on the environment? Do these organizations want to fix our economic and energy concerns with renewable energy, or do they only want this when THEY are the ones who bring us change? Right now, however, some of these groups look like music groupies, who tell everyone about some new music, but then they get mad when everyone is listening to it – because they can no longer claim it as their own. So apologies to the religious environmentalists, but the world is getting greener, with our without you.


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