What to read on vacation in the summer
by miacarson
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Whether you go to the beach, hike in the woods or take a city trip, you always have a few minutes to spare. So why not spend them for good? We've chosen the 7 best books for you to read on vacation.


"Book of Joy - Dalai Lama XIV, Douglas Abrams and Desmond Tutu

In April 2015, two of the most joyful people in the world, the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Tutu, met in Dharamsala to look back on years of hard trials and to find the answer to the eternal question: how to find joy in life when we are facing daily adversity. Editor Douglas Abrams collected their answers into a book called The Book of Joy. Joy is much more extensive than happiness. Happiness is often perceived as something dependent on external circumstances. Joy does not depend on them.


"How the Movie Works" by Edward Ross

Using the language of the comic book topessaycompanies.com, the author tells about the history and modern theories of cinematography with a touching intonation of an avid film fan. Read, watch, and study. It's appealing to anyone who's interested in film and wants to learn the art from all angles.


"Sketches on Sundays" by Christoph Neumann

A collection of funny illustrations and unusual thoughts about creativity from the artist, author and laureate of many awards Christoph Neumann. Inspiration for creative travels! You have to start doing what you know how to do well, and then step into uncharted territory and see what happens.


"What is a flag" - Nicky Brantmark

Lagom is a broad idea, firmly rooted in the Swedish mentality. The word is often translated as "moderation in everything". In this book, the creator of the multi-award winning blog My Scandinavian Home, Niki Brantmark, talks about the philosophy of lag and how it is used in everyday life. What is the secret of a long happy relationship? Leading experts say that the main thing is kindness and generosity. In a philosophy of lexicon, they should not manifest themselves in grand gestures. Small signs of care do not require great strength, but they mean a lot and cause a smile in a loved one.


"As the woman wants" - Emily Nagoski

This book is a study of how women's sexuality is organized, based on scientific research and neurobiology. Scientific answers to questions about the female body and how to realize your own sexual potential.


"Fearlessness" - Titus Nat Khan

One of today's greatest spiritual leaders, a Zen Buddhist monk from Vietnam, Tit Nat Khan, explores the subject of fear and shares his advice on how to deal with it and get rid of anxiety. Let go of your fears!


"Supernormal" - Meg Jay

The book is a story from the author's psychotherapeutic practice. About the specific negative life circumstances that her clients and students encountered and what they thought and how they felt during these difficult times. It will help to find a solution in difficult situations!

Psychological resilience is a person's ability to adapt to life difficulties, traumas, tragedies, or strong and constant stressors. It means that a person achieves more than what is expected of them; it is the ability to succeed despite a series of negative events.

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