Happy Fourth of July and a good run as prez
by Maria Thomson
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As I have stated before the sunsets are beautiful each day with the blending colors. I have always loved sunset (which you can view from many areas of our Woodhaven), with bright flashes of light brilliantly ending the day.

So next week we will celebrate America’s birthday! On July 4, as we celebrate the birth of our nation, we rejoice in the beautiful fireworks display of our own Macy’s New York.

This New York City institution and the largest store in the world delights as each year, at great expense, Macy's showers our city with the fireworks of July 4th and the great Thanksgiving Parade that heralds the Christmas season. These are gifts to our great city and to us the fortunate residents, from this veritable department store. Thank you Macy's.

As you know, for the last 35 years I have been closely involved with the NYPD and our local 102nd Precinct. During the last four years, I have served as the president of the 102nd Precinct, but as of last week’s election I no longer serve in that capacity.

During my term I continued to champion the return to the 102nd Precinct of our G Troop Mounted Police. This troop was at our Precinct Stables since the Precinct was built and was a part of our community. I can remember seeing them on Jamaica Avenue being fed apples by school children, all the time watching our Jamaica Avenue from their high vantage point on their horses.

The G Troop was taken away from us in the middle of the night. It has always been and continues to be others and my quest to get them back where they belong, at our 102nd Precinct.

During the last two years our Precinct has had noise complaint initiatives which consisted of visits by the 102nd Precinct police officers and NYPD letters being sent to the offending noise individuals and their homes. Also, now when our noise car visits these locations, a supervisor will be with them to further the issuance of noise complaint violations. I have always stated that hit them in their pocket, and they will listen. Remember if you have a noise complaint call 311, then the precinct.

We also have 15 new police officers at our precinct for the first time in six years. As before my election, I will continue to work with the NYPD 102nd Precinct and the new board and our communities for the betterment of our four communities of Kew Gardens, Ozone Park, Richmond Hill and Woodhaven. Congratulations to the new board. It was a good run!

Congratulations to all of you wonderful graduates, you make us proud. The painting and repair of our Jamaica Line Avenue Elevated train continues. It is so great to look up and see a newly painted clean J Line structure.

I hope you enjoy your July 4th weekend, for especially in this world that we live in today, we celebrate our freedom and we pray for all who have fought and died, and are still fighting and dying to preserve it. So, this July 4th as we celebrate America’s birthday, remember we are a free and noble country, the best in the world, but “Freedom is not Free.” Sadly there is a price to be paid for it.

So, fly our American flags proudly above all others in honor of our “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.” On this July 4th, and every day, may God bless our leaders, may God bless the men and women of our armed forces and their disabled. May God bless our little Woodhaven, and most of all may God bless our America.

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