Lights, camera, action! ‘Eleos’ at Knish Nosh
by Michael Perlman
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Knish Nosh, a Forest Hills institution since 1952, became the setting for a recent film shoot. “Eleos” was written and directed by 21-year-old Tzvi Hersh Friedman of Brooklyn and produced by Rego Park resident Geordy Skolnick, founder and CEO of Laughing Hearse Productions.

“We received a call about filming a movie, so I said it will be my pleasure,” said owner Haig Schneiderman, who said Knish Nosh has been a draw for producers and directors. “When you are here for 68 years, you become an iconic place, so people approach us and want to do projects.”

In 2015, Knish Nosh relocated a block west to 98-104 Queens Boulevard, but due to dedication of Schneiderman and chef Ana Vasilescu, the legacy of founder Sam Heller continues.

In ancient Athens, Eleos was the goddess of compassion and mercy. The lead roles in the film are played by Jon Peterson and Stacie Brown.

“Our film is an overt parable about a nameless man addicted to committing acts of evil and feels no remorse until he meets Eva, who embodies compassion,” said Friedman. “Her love for the protagonist questions his emotionless reality, and makes him yearn to feel like the rest of us.”

Friedman explained why Knish Nosh was an ideal setting for this feature film.

“As much as the film is about this nameless man, it’s also about loneliness of the big gray city and a faceless crowd,” he said. “There’s serenity, and it’s this vintage-style store smack in the middle of a modern empty world. It seemed to be more merciful than your typical take-out joint.”

Friedman comes from a family of great Rabbinic minds.

“This forced me to become an intellectual from a young age and seek the truth,” he said. “I found cinema to be a vessel for the truth.

When I was in the fourth grade, I watched ‘Star Wars’ and found great solace, but also great hope and a shard of holiness embedded in a seemingly popcorn adventure,” he continued. “The way it managed to convey emotions and show other worlds expanded my horizons and honed my soul”

The filming of “Eleos” took a month, and will be followed by six months of post-production.

“Our hope is ‘Eleos’ will allow us to profit and continue pursuing what we love,” Friedman said. “My goal is to continue making films that can warm the hearts of those who are seeking and ‘connect the finite with the infinite. “We would be far better off if science, art, philosophy, and the pursuit of meaning would be valued versus career, money, and cars,” he added. “This sounds like some cliche, but I feel it sums up the purpose of what we do as filmmakers.”

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