Up to the ‘Challenge’

The Parks Department broke ground on a playground in Little Neck designed specifically for kids with special needs in mind.
Challenge Playground is located at 251st Street and 61st Avenue. It is adjacent to PS 811, a school that serves students with disabilities.
“We’re excited to break ground on renovations that will transform Challenge Playground into a more inclusive and accessible green space,” said Queens Parks Commissioner Michael Dockett last Thursday. “Upon completion, Queens residents and visitors can enjoy enhanced play and integral family-friendly space for recreation and outdoor fun.”
Councilman Barry Grodenchik said when he first took office, he visited the playground, which he said was really just a piece of asphalt. He pushed for the renovations, which are getting underway just six months before he leaves office.
“The improvements will create an amazing outdoor space where local residents, especially children, will be able to connect, interact, and thrive for years to come,” he said.
The playground will feature the usual amenities often found on city playgrounds, such as swings, slides and spray showers. But it will also feature auditory and visual elements with shadow effects, sounds and touchable textures.
The $3 million project should be completed by spring of 2022.
“Challenge Playground has a special place in our community’s history and it’s long time to rebuild this important public asset,” said State Senator John Liu.