Consensus needed

Dear Editor,
As world leaders convene in Scotland for the climate change summit, what will actually be accomplished?
Climate change continues to affect the globe with catastrophic results, including floods in Europe, China, Italy and India, wild fires burning in the western U. S., Greece, and Turkey, another very active Atlantic hurricane season, and record heat at the Arctic circle.
All of these ominous warning signs cannot continue to be ignored by the world. Hopefully, there will be some type of consensus reached.
This planet belongs to all nations, therefore it is the responsibility of every nation of the world to work on reducing fuel emissions.
John Amato
Fresh Meadows

Just one step

Dear Editor,
Women Creating Change (WCC) stands in solidarity with George Floyd’s family and the families of countless other Black and Brown people taken from us by police violence.
While the Derek Chauvin verdict demonstrates that some accountability is possible, the urgency for systemic change remains, as evidenced by the numerous police shootings that have taken place since Mr. Floyd’s murder last May.
Reimagining a public safety system that values life and equity above all else will require institutional changes and sustained advocacy.
Last summer, New Yorkers and people around the world from diverse backgrounds took to the streets in the wake of George Floyd’s murder to demand justice.
The verdict is an important milestone, but it is just one step on what we know will be a long road. Working together, we can effect real change and create a more just and equitable nation.
Much work remains, and WCC is committed to supporting and working alongside our peers to fight for equity and justice.
Deborah Martin Owens
Board Chair
Carole Wacey,
President & CEO

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