Father & daughter bringing Zoo Crew Two to life

Zoo Crew Two is set in 1979 Astoria, and follows the true story of a 16-year-old Michael Demetrious, a successful child actor who ditched his career to become a street gang leader after watching the iconic film The Warriors.
“It’s based on my life as a successful child actor from the 70’s and how the movie The Warriors affected me,” said Demetrious, one of the original cast members of the Broadway show Runaways.
But when Demetrious realized acting was robbing him of a childhood, he quit the profession. Soon after, he and his friends formed a ragtag group of troublemakers like the characters in The Warriors. They were known as Zoo Crew Two.
“There was a gang called Zoo Crew so I decided that we’d be Zoo Crew Two since we were younger than them,” said Demetrious. “The series is a coming of age story about camaraderie and how mischievous we were.”
Demetrious and his duaghter Lenay have been working on the series for the past five years and plan ten episodes for the first season. They are currently pitching the project to streaming platforms looking for original content.
They also just opened up their own production studio, Triple Seven Studios.
“We actually have some of the cast of The Warriors, and it’s the first time they have gotten together for a film or TV series since 1979,” said Demetrious.
The old co-stars will serve as consulting producers and star in some of the episodes.
“The series is not a sequel or a prequel to The Warriors,” said Lenay. “It’s more of a love letter, a glorified fan-fiction if you will. It’s a celebration of this very unique neighborhood.”