CB 17 to host Virtual Health Fair this Saturday

Brooklyn’s Community Board 17 is hosting a virtual health fair via Webex on Saturday, June 5th from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.  

Victor Jordan, 1st Vice Chairperson of Community Board 17 put together the event to highlight wellness in the community. “It’s designed to improve people’s wellness and focus on COVID because of the the deaths that amounted this year,” said Jordan.

Panelists from NAACP, Beacon Eldercare, Plant Powered, Weill Cornell Medicine,  Metro New York, and University of Albany the healthcare field will be discussing a plan to eliminate health disparities.

The fair will have three panels focusing on COVID-19, Wellness, and Telemedicine, respectively.  

The Brooklyn Star caught up with one panelist, the esteemed Yvonne Murphy, CEO of Beacon Eldercare.

With more than 20 years of experience with long term care, health care, housing options, consulting and supporting families who are caring for elderly loved ones, Yvonne Murphy is known to be the “champion of innovative and diverse care plans for those with special needs.”

“Focusing on these three items will help the community better understand how to secure and access services in our current climate with the stress of COVID 19 that has affected everyone in some capacity,” said Yvonne Murphy, CEO of Beacon Eldercare.

“There are still questions about how to access services to assist our seniors and disabled in the community that will continue to need care in the future. Having public forums about Telemedicine, wellness and COVID will keep our community informed and armed with the resources necessary to remain safe in their homes,” Murphy added.

The event is for anyone and everyone interested. “One of the major benefits to the public that attend this fair is access to a platform of professionals,” said Murphy. “These professionals will be from the medical industry, the hospital healthcare system, the homecare industry, major Universities, and national organizations that have championed the fight for fair and equal access to services in the community.”

Dwight Williams of the University of Albany will be on the COVID-19 panel, and will be referencing the Tuskegee Experiment and how it relates to vaccine hesitancy. “I will be talking about the recent data of the COVID-19 virus and how it not only relates to the nation or New York City but to Kings County and parts of the borough,” said Williams.

Click here to attend the virtual health fair.

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