Gagarin & Schulman get our votes in District 29

City Council District 29 includes Rego Park, Forest Hills, Kew Gardens and Richmond Hill. With nine candidates in the Democratic primary, it was impossible for us to interview everyone running in this race, but our paper feels strongly about two of them.
We believe that Aleda Gagarin is the best candidate for this district followed closely by Lynn Schulman.
At the forefront of Gagarin’s campaign is responsible budget management, and her experience in urban planning has informed her perspective on that issue. She knows a lot about how the city distributes its resources in terms of funding and how to direct it in a way that’s more efficient and beneficial to the people living in her area.
From how the city can redefine affordable housing to improving senior services, Gagarin’s vision for the district is inclusive and built around fostering a sense of community between residents.
Schulman was a close second in receiving our endorsement. She has an outstanding career in public service and her policy insights into public transportation are incredibly comprehensive. She understands some of the unique mobility issues facing the district’s elderly community and is dedicated to solving them.
Her political experience working with the City Council is admirable, and we know she would do a fantastic job.

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