Mandate solution

Dear Editor
Republicans aren’t really afraid of mask mandates, they’re just terrified of the hate-filled, conspiracy-loving base they have cultivated.
Masks aren’t just about medical science and preventing germs. Putting on a mask each day is a psychological prompt to remind you to change your behavior and ia conscious signal that you uphold the values of the community and have some sense of responsibility to everyone else.
But I think I’ve come up with the perfect solution for anyone who doesn’t want to wear a mask or get the COVID-19 vaccination. The Health Department should just issue permits, basically a license showing that you’ve filled out the proper paperwork permitting you to go maskless and refuse vaccination.
When this person arrives at the emergency room, doctors can check the anti-mask/vaccine database and give this person the specialized treatment they deserve: a coupon for bleach and gently guiding them to the “treatment room” marked exit.
Robert LaRosa, Sr.

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